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What is the best bible names for a boy?

What is the best bible name for a boy? Searching through the Bible name for a boy might be difficult. If you’re like some devout Christians, you probably read your favorite parts of the Bible repeatedly, especially when things are hard, but you probably don’t read the whole thing.

This collection of Biblical names for boys contains well-known and uncommon religious names. This list should save you time to select your baby’s name easily.

What is the best bible name for a boy?


The ancient Roman Sulla, who thought he was unusually lucky with the gods, took the name Felix, originally a surname, and used it as a nickname. In the Bible, Felix is a Roman official in charge of Judea. The name means “happy, fortunate.”


Silas is a Biblical name with debatable or possibly multiple origins. It could be a shortened version of the Latin Silvanus, which means “of the forest,” or a Greek version of the Aramaic or Hebrew name Seila, which means “asked for or prayed for.”


The Hebrew term “Azaryahu,” which means “Yah helps,” may be shortened to Ezra. 1,500 Israelis were freed from Babylonian captivity by Ezra and brought back to Jerusalem, according to the Bible. The Latin name Esdras is derived from the name Ezra.


Benjamin Franklin was one of the people who helped start the United States. He was known for being an inventor, politician, humorist, and printer, among other things. He was also a scientist who helped figure out some of the mysteries of electricity.

Cyrus’ bible name for a boy

Some names are very popular for a short time, but then they go out of style. But some names, like Cyrus, never really catch on. Cyrus has been on the U.S. charts for over a century but has never climbed above number 389.


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