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Shia Baby Girl Names List With Meaning

 Shia Baby Girl Name: if you are looking for a Shia baby girl name with meaning then you are in last place. In this article, we will provide you with different lists of unique and beautiful names with the list. Now you do not have to worry about picking a good name with good meaning for your baby girl.

Shia Baby Girl Name  

List No.1 Of Shia Baby Girl Name

The first list of Shia baby girl names is given below. These are the names Shia prefers to use for a newborn child.  This List contains baby names that have been completely unique and different you should study this list.

  1. Alisha       (  power of the mind)
  2. Alishba      (Innocent)
  3. Fatima       (one who is beautiful like the stars)
  4. Sakeena     (Tranquility)
  5. Maryam     ( Figurative, Pious, Devou)
  6. Aasia            ( a mansion with a solid foundation or pillars, firm, a powerful)
  7. Khadijah    (Trustworthy)
  8. Narjis           (A sweet smelled flower)
  9. Safia             (Chaste, Virtuous. Innocent)
  10. Rubab Fatima      (A kind of small flat drum)

List No.2 Of  Shia Baby Girl Name

following are the most well-liked baby names for Shia girls with meanings. Choose the ideal name from the following list of girl names. this list helps you to find good and unique name for your baby girl. Furthermore, these names are also divided in alphabetical order. Find the best name for your baby girl here with its meaning.

  1. Roohi
  2. Tahirah
  3. Sabah
  4. Sukaina
  5. Naseeha
  6. Ruqaya
  7. Aelia
  8. Gulnaz
  9. Nadirah
  10. Tayyeba
  11. Layla
  12. Aleena
  13. Imaan
  14. Asma
  15. Kubra
  16. Sughra
  17. Aaliyah
  18. Siddika
  19. Sundas
  20. Sarah
  21. Sofiya
  22. Sadia
  23. Shereen
  24. Masooma
  25. Kulsoom
  26. Kubra
  27. Merab
  28. Zaina

Shia Girls Name

  1. Dua Zahra
  2. Laiba Syed
  3. Haifa Batool
  4. Fatima Zahra
  5. Areeka Batool
  6. Auj Zahra
  7. Umma Batool
  8. Ammara batool
  9. Ajar Zahra
  10. Anmol Fatima
  11. Nayab
  12. Parsa Batool
  13. Zara Batool
  14. Zartaj Fatima
  15. Anab Batool
  16. Sakeena Fatima
  17. Benish
  18. Syeda Zehra Fatima Hussain
  19. Shafaq Batool
  20. Muntaha Ali
  21. Saniya Batool
  22. Umme Kalsoom
  23. Umme Fatima
  24. Umme Habiba
  25. Misha Fatima
  26. Uswa
  27. Haleem
  28. Rahat Fatima
  29. Noor Fatima

So, these are the list of names. Hope you get info information about the new names. For more updates on different names of different religions stay connected with us.


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