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Funny Wifi Names List 2023

Funny Wifi Names List: if you are looking for funny wifi names then you are in right place. This article will help you in selecting the best funny. unique and rare wifi name. Now you do not have to struggle much for wifi names. Just scrolling down we have given different lists of unique names. this article will guide you in a perfect way.

Funny Wifi Names List

Funny Wifi Names In English

Some coolest and most funny network names in English are given below. see the list for picking one of your choices.

  1. Steal the wifi at Starbucks
  2. go and get your own
  3. look who’s trying to break through my network
  4. Please try again this password is not matching XD
  5. Slow and steady wins the race
  6. I keep an eye on things.
  7. A one-way flight to 2050
  8. Connect to receive $50.
  9. Sesame Place
  10. You have WiFi. Harry
  11. The World in Buffer
  12. Are you going to tweet your search history?
  13. What is WiFi once more?
  14. The Messiah of the Web
  15. transforming the world through connections

 Names In Urdu

If you want to give a unique name to your network in Urdu, then the below list is for you to choose your network name according to your fun choice.

  1. Apna lagao
  2. Chor aa raha hai chorii krne
  3. yeh nahi kholnaa
  4. Babu Wifi
  5. Mummy Daddy wifi
  6. Free kay mazay
  7. Bogor Wifi
  8. Google wifi
  9. Hack Karke Dikha
  10. Patwari Saab
  11. Heavy Wifi
  12. Jumbo Wifi
  13. Muft Bazar
  14. Wifi Ka Password Kya Hai?
  15. Slow WiFi
  16. Slowly Slowly
  17. Virus WiFi
  18. Dimag Shot
  19. Shikari
  20. Mamu
  21. Besharam
  22. Yar Beli
  23. 100Rs Me Pura Din
  24. Pehchan kon
  25. Kaun Hain Ye Log
  26. WiFi Extender
  27. Weak Signal
  28. Bhago Yaha Se
  29. Ghar Pe Aakar Marunga
  30. Dangerous Boy
  31. Don Wifi
  32. Velle Log
  33. Ruko Zara Sabar Karo
  34. Mian
  35. Password Yad Nahi Chal bhag
  36. Masroof  WiFi
  37. The Punjab network
  38. Pardesi
  39. sheik says panga never changaa
  40. Desi Network
  41. Taliban WiFi
  42. Lahori Chor
  43. Khan Baba
  44.  Pakistani Wife
  45. Chal Niklo
  46. Bas kro Apna lagwao

So, these are some funny names for your wifi in English and Urdu, For more funny information stay connected whit us and get the best information here.


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