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Sikh babies names for boy in 2023

Sikh babies names for boy in 2023: Most Sikh names come from the Guru Granth Sahib and show how holy and devoted to God the person is. Many Sikh names are also based on virtues like truth, kindness, happiness, peace, humility, and love. Sikh names have nothing to do with boys or girls so that they can be used for either. They can also be combined with other names, prefixes, or endings to make words that mean something new and different.

Sikh babies names for boy in 2023

New names for 2023

We don’t have a hard time coming up with current Sikh names for boys, but it takes too long to find one name out of a thousand Sikh names for boys.

Amrik – the sky god.
Anmol – It’s worth a lot.
Arjan – A person who is honest and pure.
Avtar – “birth.”
Balraj – King of Strength.
Baneet – Polite.
Dalbir – Brave man.
Daljit – Soldier who wins.
Davinderpal – the king of gods’ guardian.
Dharam – “right living.”
Dilbagh – He was brave and kind.
Ekam – One.
Fateh – “win.”
Gagandeep – “Sky Lamp.”
Gaganjot – “sky light.”
Gurbaksh – Blessed by the Guru.
Gurcharan – “the Guru’s feet.”
Gurdas – “the Guru’s servant.”
Gurdeep – the Guru’s Lamp.
Gurdev – “teacher of God.”
Gurdyal – “the Guru’s beloved.”
Gurjot – Light of the Guru.
Gurmeet – “friend of the Guru.”
Gurpreet –”I love the Guru.”
Gurinder – Lord of the Guru.
Gursharan – “the Guru’s refuge.”
Gurshabad – Word of the Guru.
Gurtej – “the light of the Guru.”
Harbir – “God’s Soldier.”
Hardeep – Lamp of God.
Hardial – “God’s kindness.”
Harjot – “God’s Light.”
Harman – God’s favorite.
Harminder – the house of God.
Harnek – “one who works for God.”


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