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The Menu 2022 English Subtitle Download

The Menu 2022 English Subtitle Download: A young couple takes a trip to an isolated island in order to dine at a prestigious restaurant there, where the chef has designed an extravagant dinner that includes some surprising surprises.

The Menu 2022 English Subtitle Download


A group of ultra-wealthy gastronomes with discerning tastes arrive at the Hawthorn, an exclusive culinary temple helmed by the esteemed gourmet chef Julian Slowik. And ready for an exquisite multi-course meal and the experience of a lifetime, the obsessive epicurean Tyler and his disinterested guest Margot enter the minimalist private restaurant. 

The lengthy anticipation is finally over. No one is aware, however, that the mysterious savant in the kitchen has grand plans for tonight. After all, the tyrannical chef has been pushing the boundaries of flavor and haute cuisine for decades. Now, the presenter can, at last, unveil his masterpiece. However, is the jaded clientele prepared for Julian’s creative insanity?

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