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The Heritage Sites of Tharparkar in Pakistan

The Heritage Sites of Tharparkar: An area older than time itself, Tharparkar is a hub for history and heritage lovers, and yet, not many people realize that. Boasting some of the oldest and most important sites for Hinduism and Jainism.

Thar offers important sites like the oldest Jain temple, Gori Mandir as well as some of the oldest mosques in Sindh like the Bodhesar Mosque. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the unique culture of the area surely will!

Visitors can meet and interact with the community and enjoy local hospitality and enjoy unique treasures. There are many places in Tharparkar that are worth watching.

The Heritage Sites of Tharparkar

Jain Temple Virwah

First, The Jaina temple at Verawah is about 15 miles north of Nagar Parkar. Second, The temple is made of stone and consists of an open group of pillars with carved capitals.

Further, from this temple was found a beautifully carved block of marble. which is now on display in the National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi.

Karoonjhar Mountains

These Mountains are present in the city of Tharparkar. Karunjhar is also famously as Kinro. Moreover, The Mountain Range has numerous places of historical status.

For example, Bhodeser talao, Alakh wao , Anchlechure, Sardaro, and Gao Mukhi.

Bhodesar Mosque

The remains of Bhodesar are present at the distance 3 kilometers away from Nangarparkar beneath Karoonjhar hills.

Naukot Fort

The fort of Naukot is present at around 43 kilometers away from Taluka Mithi, on the Mithi to Naukot road. it is present around 5 kilometers away from Naukot Town.  Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur made this fort in 1814 A.D.

Gori Temple Tharparkar

Gori temple is present at a distance of 14 miles north-west of Virawah. It is the best temple here that has survived. it is made of local stone with pillars and details of marble from Rajputana.

The shrine itself which formerly had a ‘Sikhara’ of typical Kathiawar type. Now it has the decoration of rows of minuscule ‘Sikharas’.


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