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List of Cheap & Best Motels in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its natural beauty. Its beaches, rainforests and lots of natural plus man-made amazing monuments. Wanna visit there? ok, have some knowledge of cheap and best Motels in Malaysia. I really love this country and every time I visit there I just have a lovely experience. I went there several times and in every time I go there, I always tried new Motels so I can have the experience of all good and bad. in this article I am going to share my experience with you so that you people don’t have to go through from all the things which I faced.

I believe that whenever we go to another place for outing our the basic factor that makes our journey most memorable is the place we live in. if the Motels are beautiful have a great view and fits in our budget than surely the trip would be the most memorable. No doubt Malaysia is a very beautiful country and its buildings, shopping center and also its motels are worth visiting. now let’s have a little discussion on the cheap and best Motels of Malaysia.

Motels in Malaysia

there are lots of Motels in Malaysia and beautiful too. we all need that Motel that is beautiful, cheap and best. so here I have a list of those Motels that exactly fits in our demands.

Motels in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. A very beautiful city and most of the tourist prefer to stay in this city and make there tour more mesmerizing. have a look at the cheap and best motels of Kuala Lumpur.

Motel Sentral

I must say if you say any Motel which is cheap and best as well than Motel Sentral would be the best option. it has everything that we want in a place where we want to stay away from our homes. it offers you free wifi, flat screens. minibars, good and well-maintained furniture and tea and coffee making machines. I experienced a very good room service there which is the best thing I like there. rooms are well maintained and clean so you will feel there like you are in your room. it is just 2 km from the bustling central market and also 5 km from iconic Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Motel Sentral

Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur

another amazing and beautiful Motel you really need to know. if you ever visit kuala lumpur do visit there. it is just 4-minute walk away from the bus stop. I must say rooms are very well decorated and well-maintained anyone can easily stay there. it offers you all the facilities that you want in your motels like Ac, flat screens, well-furnished furniture, free wifi and much more. you can also check customer reviews which helps you better to develop your mind.

Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur

The thing that you all must keep in your mind is that before visiting anywhere do check its reviews and be careful of all the thing. keep the maps with you and remember your Motel name so if you lost anywhere you would able to find your motel.I hope you find Best Motels in Malaysia and enjoy your trip with your family friends or own.


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