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List of Best Places to Stay in Iceland on a budget

Whenever you go to any place do check the places where you would stay while your visit. this article is based on the list of best places to stay in Iceland on a budget. Iceland a country where everyone want to visit really a dream place. i always wanted to travel there at least once in my life. I am so happy while i am writing this because recently went there and had a great experience. The reason of my excitement was that i have heard a lot about the natural beauty of the Iceland. Everything that we want to see is there either lush green mountains, green plains, waterfalls, and a lot of natural wonders. when i got the chance to visit there i was so excited but not loose my senses in my excitement. what i do was that before my flight i go through all the best places and hotels where i should stay while my visit.

in this article i am going to tell you all about my favorite hotels where i stayed while my visit and i found the best for you people also. i selected these hotels on the bases of there best facilities as well as they will fit on your budget.

best places to stay in Iceland

following are some of the best places which by my point of you are best and will help you all to have a very sound and amazing stay in Iceland.

Best Places to Stay in Iceland

Best Places to Stay in Iceland

Hotel Odinsve

A very beautiful, relaxing and refreshing place. it is just at the 10 minute walk from the National gallery Beautiful designed  of Iceland. you have very easy access to Hotel no burden of excessive transportation. beautiful designed rooms with wooden floor and fully equipped rooms. it has all the basic equipment that are need to stay at any place like flat screens. fans, AC, coffee and tea making machine.  Mini fridge are also present in the room.  One thing that is very excited is that they give complimentary breakfast buffet.

City Center Hotel

Another amazing and beautiful Hotel which i hearty recommend you all is City Center Hotel. it has great building and beautiful location which i like the most. it is just 9 minute walk away from the harpa concert hall and conference hall. just 7 minute walk away from National gallery of Iceland. very upgraded hotels fully furnished rooms with all facilities like free WiFi, Tv, minibars, coffee and tea making machines, mini fridges and lots more. i do mention here that it hotel has great services delicious food and clean rooms. i love my stay and enjoyed a lot of things. rooms also has balconies from where you can have the beautiful view of city.

whenever you visit any place or any country do check the places and hotels where you want to stay. check the reviews of people so that you can select the place as per your choice and which fits in your budget.

Thanks to stay Best Places to Stay in Iceland on a budget.


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