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List of top 5 TV Shows you Don’t want to Miss

This year has been blessed with all the outstanding TV shows rolling in and providing the perfect punch of entertainment for the viewers. You have numerous exciting channels with overloading content offering a greater diversity to pick from. However, this year has also marked the ending of many popular TV shows with fans yearning for more. But new shows kept popping in and grabbed all the attention of the viewers. This has also led to the immense growth of the telecom sector with the TV providers offering ever-improved services and offers at more attractive prices. To find out more about the best TV providers in your town. They have all the best deals and offers lined up for you.  Only with the help of a seamless television connection, you can catch all the fun and entertainment, these shows have in store for you.

With so much content overflowing, it gets hard for all the TV fans to keep up. So here we are to help you through by acknowledging the top TV shows that have all the ingredients to amaze you. So if you want to make the most out of your entertainment hours, be sure to catch up with these shows and trust us when we say, you will surely not be disappointed at all. So here is the list of the best ones out there:


If you are a TV freak then Superstore is definitely one of the shows that can make you happier than ever. This hilarious workplace comedy will make you stop doing all your daily chores and just get glued to your television screen. It is a lively story that revolves around a workplace and is packed with all iconic scenes to get you fits of laughter. The interesting characters, powerful punchlines and interesting plots make you wait for the show and keep asking for more!


Succession is yet another must-watch show that takes entertainment to a whole new level. The story revolves around the Roy family, their gigantic media empire and how corrupt billionaires control the world around them recklessly. The Roy family is extremely rich and the four children struggle to take control of their father’s company. The show reveals lust for wealth, power and abuse. You just cannot get enough of this show as it gets you hooked to your TV screens.


Taking the television entertainment by storm, Watchmen steals the limelight with its superhero fanaticism. The police officers wearing masks to veil their identities and superheroes living undercover to stay out of sight. However, the political and social problems resonate with the existing ones in America nowadays. This TV show has a lot to offer to you so you cannot simply miss this one at all.

Better Things

Yet another comedy show grabbing all the attention of the viewers narrating the story of Sam Foz who looks after her three daughters and take care of her mother. The show gives you a full pack of drama, mess regret, positivity, faith, rebel and so much more. It is surely a show worth watching.


Having a league of its own and showcasing extraordinary performances, this show gives you a complete dose of entertainment, hope, faith and overflowing emotions. Fleabag is the story of a dry hearted and quite a self-obsessed woman who struggle through her difficult family and work life and tries to fight the challenges that lie ahead. You better not miss out on it since it is one of the shows you are definitely going to enjoy a lot.

Wrapping Up

TV entertainment takes you to a roller coaster ride of non stop thrill and entertainment. With all the outstanding shows airing on different channels, you cannot help but get addicted to all the drama, fun and excitement they have in store for you. We made it a lot easier for you by picking the top five unmissable TV shows that you simply need to watch and be overwhelmed. You are bound to have a good time because of their mind-boggling stories and extraordinary performances are going to blow you away. Happy watching!


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