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List of indoor plants that clean the air

Best indoor plants list such as you can find here. The big list of most common indoor plants helps to purify your indoor air pollution. Some indoor plants enhance home indoor beauty. The best way to filter indoor pollution put some beautiful indoor plant in your room.  Indoor plants increase the oxygen level in your house and purify air pollution. If you put some indoor plants in your home or in your offices it’s must to know put them water for photosynthesis. For your home or offices beauty we telling you list of indoor plants as u can see here a list of plants.

List of indoor plants

Peace lily

Peace lily is a most efficiency plant which you can put under shade it has greenleaves and white flower that continue to bloom year. As you can know peace lilyplants has a cluster flower.

Snake Plant

Here second indoor plant is snake plant. It haslong and hard leaves. Its second name is Sansevieira. Sensevieria is an most idealindoor space plant which helps to purify indoor air. Here the most importantthing is to sensevieria plant to remove toxins suchas formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides. There for mostindustrial area people grow this plant. Which remove some harmful chemicals fromair.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Here you can see fiddle-leaf fig tree. I am sure you are hearing about the fiddle-leaf fig tree. Its leaf beauty looks artificial plant. Fiddle-leaf fig plant such as the type of plant you can put water in a week one time.

Money Plant

Money plant is the most common indoor plant. The money plant is also called the jade plant. Money plant is one of the trees from which you can full your homes with greenery. Money plant helps to clear indoor air and enhance indoor beauty. Money plant is one of the plants which you can easily grow indoors.

Aloe Vera

As we all know about aloe vera which jell use for skin care and other beauty cares. Aloe vera is such type of plants which just not enhance indoor beauty indeed its jell use for skin care beauty. As we know aloe vera is the most popular for medical applicants its formula use in median. Such medical companies use it in there medicine as skin care products company also use its jell in products. Aloe vera is different functional plants and easy to grow in the home.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen plant is the easiest to grow. And light weight. Its name used for the collection of the plants form Aglaonemagenus. The chiniese evergreen plant also called lucky plant. Chinese evergreen plant maximum height is 3ft. and its origin is tropics and subtropics of Asia.

Split-Leaf Philodendron

Split-leaf philodendron is also an indoor plant. It has cutlets. Split-leaf philodendron is Swiss cheese plant. As you know it has cut leaf beauty which grown your home inner beauty. Many people like this plant to put indoor because they take little water. And purify inner environment. This plant produces long glossary leaves.

Kentia Palm

The kentia palm is graceful and shines plant. The kentia palm is scientific name of Howea  Forsteriana. This ant is a British favorite plant. Kentia palm is poisonous for pets especially nontoxic to cats and dogs. Its height is 10ft. its origin is Lord Howe Island, Australia, New South WalesState.

Cast iron Plant

Cast iron plant is such as the type of plant as you can put it easy in your room to increase the oxygen level in your room. The cast iron plant is a well-draining plant. It’s shade-partial shade. Cast iron plant’s scientific name is Aspidistraelatior. The leaf tips of the Asahi cultivar develop a dramatic white streak of color, as if kissed by the morning sun.


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