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List of Medications to avoid before surgery

Here you can see a list of medication to avoid before surgery. Surgery is really not only horrified but also an extremely complicated thing. there are lots of things we should be taken care of. There are some pre and post operation precautions that we all must know. And today we will discuss the medications that we should avoid before any surgery. It is a normal thing that most of us not know about lots of scientific things even there was a time when I also don’t know about these things. The time when i felt that i should know about this thing that what should be avoided before the surgery when I saw my friend suffering from lots of complications because she was not aware of the medicines  that should be avoided before surgery and when she went through the surgery after that she faces lots of problems like bleeding and her wounds not heal up quickly.

after seeing all this I read some articles and also consult my some friends which are related to the medical field and take all knowledge about the medicines that we should not use before the surgery. in this article, I mention some products that came into my knowledge are harmful before and after the surgery. these products are factory made and also some are natural and herbal products. list of the medications is given below.

List of Medications to avoid before surgery

Medications to avoid before surgery

List of painkillers avoid before surgery

  • Carisoprodol Compound
  • Amigesic
  • Ascomp with codeine
  • Lortab ASA Magan
  • Magsal
  • Mobidin
  • Monogesic
  • Norgesic
  • Novasal
  • Orphengesic
  • Panasol
  • Percodan product
  • Roxiprin
  • Salflex
  • salsalate products
  • Salsitab
  • Soma products
  • Synalgos-DC
  • Talwin Compound
  • Trilisate
  • trisalicylate products
  • Zorprin
  • Non-steroidial and anti-inflammatory medicines
  • diclofenac
  • meclofenamate
  • etodolac
  • mefenamic acid
  • fenoprofen
  • nabumetone
  • flurbiprofen
  • naproxen
  • buprofen
  • oxaprozin
  • indomethacin
  • piroxicam
  • ketoprofen
  • sulindac
  • ketorolac
  • tolmetin

Herbal products that should be avoided

  • agrimony
  • alfalfa
  • aniseed
  • arnica
  • artemesia
  • asa foetica
  • bishop’s weed
  • bladderwrack
  • bochu
  • bogbean
  • boldo
  • bromelains
  • burdock
  • capsicum
  • cassio
  • nattokinase
  • onion
  • pantethine
  • papain (papaya extract)
  • parsley
  • passionflower
  • policosanol
  • poplar
  • prickly ash
  • quassia
  • red clover
  • resveratrol
  • sea buckthorn
  • sweet clover
  • sweet woodruff
  • tonka beans
  • turmeric
  • vinpocetine
  • vitamin E
  • wild carrot
  • wild lettuce

I heartily recommend you all that please do consult your doctor before using any product if you have surgery or go through the surgery. only use that medicines that your doctor prescribe you. The products that I mention in this article are some artificial and some are herbal products these are not good for the surgery and will not allow the wounds to heal up. these may also cause bleeding issues. I hope this article would be helpful to all of you.



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