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M3GAN 2023 English Subtitle Download

M3GAN 2023 English Subtitle Download: January’s second film is a sci-fi horror. Allison Williams stars and produces. M3GAN, directed by Gerard Johnstone, follows robotics engineer Gemma, who creates a lifelike doll for her orphaned niece and calls her M3GAN. The small girl’s dream doll begins to acquire a consciousness of its own and becomes something Gemma can’t control.

M3GAN 2023 English Subtitle Download


Toy companies are competing to make the best friend for kids, which means kids are spending even more time on devices. Cady’s parents die in a car accident, so her aunt Gemma has to take care of her. Gemma chooses to bring back her old robot projects from college so she can finish making M3GAN, an AI toy friend for kids. Sounds wrong in every way. M3GAN quickly connects to the internet to find out about people and death. It then takes the usual step for a self-aware AI program, which is to try to get rid of humans. M3GAN attacks Gemma after killing a lot of people. Cady helps destroy M3GAN, or does she? to get answers you need to watch the movie.

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