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List of Hollywood Comedy Movies in Hindi Dubbed 2019

Here you can see list of Hollywood comedy movies in hindi dubbed 2019. Movies you can enjoy with your family and friends.

I agree that Deadpool was very good and the comical aspect was well done but enough with the humorous comic book heroes and villains already. Historically comics and comic book characters were about serious story lines involving action that only lightly touched on humor.

Venom could have been a really good movie but the producers chose to include stupid comedy rather than action and it didn’t make any sense for that character. Now we have a new Shazam with a new personality that I don’t remember being anything like this. Not only has Hollyweird lost all ability to come up with something unique but now their ruining perfectly good comic book characters.

Comedy Movies in Hindi 2019

  • What Men Want
  • Isn’t It Romantic 2019
  • The Beach Bum

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