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Women Talking 2023 English Subtitle Download

Women Talking 2023 English Subtitle Download: Women in exclusive religious communities struggle to reconcile their beliefs with their lifestyles. The backdrop story shows a group of women working together to better their lives and their children. Stay and fight or go. They won’t idle.

Women Talking 2023 English Subtitle Download


Women who live in a religious community that is cut off from the outside world struggle with trying to square their beliefs with the realities of their lives. In the background tale, we witness a group of mothers getting together to find out how they might improve their lives and the lives of their children by working together. You have the option of staying and fighting or leaving. They won’t just sit there and do nothing.

The facts are horrifying. Between 2005 and 2009, men in a rural Bolivian Mennonite hamlet drugged and raped 150 women and girls. Bloody sheets and legs or no undergarments greeted the ladies. No one knew what had occurred. 5–65-year-olds were victims. Mennonite organizations, like other closed religion systems, handle these matters alone. This time, the community leaders, all men, reported the incident to Bolivian police. They followed a suspicious man at night and caught him in the act. The last hearing, where victims spoke, was significant. Eight men received 25-year sentences.

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