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Download The Banker 2020 720p English Subtitle

Here you can Download The Banker 2020 720P English subtitle. The struggle for civil rights over land actions and homeownership takes place in “The Banker”, and the main weapon is capital, which is mainly controlled by whites. Motivated to break through the property market, redefine policies and discrimination, Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) builds on his childhood interests in markets to start his own business in Los Angeles with his wife Eunice (Nia Long) and their son. Through one of Eunice’s old friends, the boisterous club owner Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson), Garrett and Morris become unlikely partners in lifting the separation of the sunny metropolis, but they can only do as much as black men who are exposed to racism. They hire Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult), a white working-class man, and train him to be their replacement Trojan horse in order to get into the rooms that they would otherwise not be able to enter. The group is undertaking a radical backstage program to reduce discrimination in homes and banks.

Download The Banker 2020 720p English Subtitle


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