Sunni Islamic Baby Boys Name List

Sunni Islamic Baby Boys: If you’re expecting a new baby, it can be an exciting time filled with preparation and anticipation. It can also be overwhelming as you browse the baby name section of every store you enter, looking for the perfect fit. If you are planning to give your child Muslim first and middle names, knowing about Islamic naming conventions can help you find the perfect name with ease.

Sunni Islamic Baby Boys

List One Of Baby Boys

Is it time to pick out a baby name? If you are expecting Sunni Muslims, this list of beautiful Sunni Islamic baby names can help get you started. These baby names are all in the Arabic language and they all honor the most important figures in Islam.

  1. Amar
  2. Ahmed
  3. Mubashar
  4. Asad
  5. Hassan
  6. Nadeem
  7. Awais
  8. Tashseen
  9. Zulqarnain
  10. Arshan
  11. Umer
  12. Subhan
  13. Hamdan
  14. Abubakar
  15. Muhammad
  16. Ayyan
  17. Shaban Darood
  18. Hanan
  19. Adil Jahanzaib
  20. Yasir
  21. Muzamil
  22. Zeeshan
  23. Shoaib
  24. Ziya
  25. Usman
  26. Rehan
  27. Abdul Rehman
  28. Waleed
  29. Burhan
  30. Saqlain
  31. Arshan
  32. Ijaz
  33. Saeed
  34. Abul Basit
  35. Abdullah
  36. Afsareem
  37. Rehmat
  38. Hashir
  39. Khizar
  40. Ali

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As parents in the Islamic faith, you have the opportunity to name your child after one of Allah’s beautiful creations. However, if you do not wish to use the exact name or cannot find the exact name you are looking for, it can be hard to create the perfect name that fits your baby’s unique personality and religion. To help with this process, we have created a list of some of our favorite Sunni Islamic baby names that all fall within this category

  1. Haris
  2. Zunair
  3. Sufiyan
  4. Haider
  5. Taha
  6. Hamza
  7. Huzaifa
  8. Jahanzaib
  9. Ahsan
  10. Hassaan
  11. Hassam
  12. Qaism
  13. Zubair
  14. Zulfiqar
  15. Babr
  16. Afzal
  17. Rafique
  18. Shafique
  19. Farraukh
  20. Saleem
  21. Khalid
  22. Shahid
  23. Waqas
  24. Waqar
  25. Ahad
  26. Ibrahim
  27. Haseeb
  28. Nasir
  29. Naseer
  30. Anas
  31. Hussnain
  32. Ahmed
  33. Daawod
  34. Irfan
  35. Arham
  36. Ghazi
  37. Zahid
  38. Imarn
  39. Waheed
  40. Asim

So, these are some common names for Sunni Baby boys. For Information Stay Connected with us.

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