Russian Baby Boys Name List With Meaning

Russian Baby Boys Name: if you are looking for a good and unique name for a baby boy in Russia then you are in right place. here we will give you an idea of a unique Russian baby boy’s name. So, in this article, we will give some lists of unique Russian baby boys’ names. you can pick anyone of them.

Russian Baby Boys Name

 Babe Boys Name With Meaning

If you find it difficult to look for a good baby name so, you do not have to worry about it anymore. below is some unique and famous Russian baby boy names with meaning you can pick any of them.

  1.  Alexander     ( Meaning: Defender)
  2. Daniel            (The lord is my judge)
  3. Abraham       (father of many nations)
  4. Vladimir          ( Ruler of the world)
  5. Igbo                 (belonging to the Kwa group)
  6. Hamlet           (a small settlement)
  7. Fyodor           (powerful ruler of the people)
  8. Yegor              ( Farmer)
  9. Andrei           ( manly)
  10. Pasha            (small and humble)

Russian Baby boys Name

  1. . Dmitriy
  2. Nakita
  3. Marvy
  4. Geroge
  5. Estragon
  6. Pozzo
  7. Leo
  8. Ivan
  9. German
  10. Joseph
  11. Pushkin
  12. Nabokov
  13. Anton
  14. Chekhov
  15. Vassily
  16. Pavel
  17. Stephan
  18. Timor
  19. Anton
  20. Artur

Unique Names For Baby Boys Of Russia

if you are a Russian citizen or have Russian roots and looking for a unique name for your baby boy then you are in right place. we have collected a list of unique names of baby boys for your adored son, we have compiled the ideal list of Russian names. You may quickly find the best name for your child with the list below. So, you can choose any of it according to your taste and choice.

  1. Boris
  2. Dobry
  3. Dusan
  4. Egor
  5. Feodor
  6. Gavriel
  7. Gleb
  8. Ivan
  9. Konstantin
  10. Kostas
  11. Kostya
  12. Lista
  13. Magar
  14. Maksim
  15. Mikhail
  16. Miloslav
  17. Nikhil
  18. Oksana
  19. Vladilen
  20. Vlas
  21. Wassily
  22. Xenia
  23. Yerik
  24. Yevgeni
  25. Yurchak
  26. Yuri
  27.  Demon
  28. Smith
  29. Koliva
  30. Faustus
  31. Jonathan
  32. Swift
  33. John
  34. Kalus
  35. Nikolai
  36. Steve
  37. Anthony
  38. Simon
  39. Paul
  40. Vadim

So, thee are the lists of some unique and famous baby boy names of Russians. You can pick any of them. for the more interesting name of different nations stay connected with us.

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