Ramadan 2020 full HD Pictures for Facebook

Here you can get Ramadan 2020 full HD pictures for Facebook cover. You can apply these facebook HD Pictures for your Facebook DP Cover. Ramadan is really a special month around the world. Ramadan wallpapers are very popular and teenagers on social networking sites like Facebook are really preoccupied with them. So I got the idea to create the 10 best Ramadan Facebook covers that anyone on the Facebook social media site can use. You can use it as a cover picture. You can download and enjoy our free Facebook Ramadan covers. I created this Ramadan Facebook cover in Photoshop.

Ramadan 2020 full HD Pictures

The general size of each cover picture I created is 850 x 315 pixels, which is literally the standard size of the Facebook cover picture.

Each cover picture below is quoted with Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem, which means Happy Ramadan. I also added 2020 for those who are interested in the year. Each cover picture has a unique combination of font, color and contrast. Second, I added a label and a second line for each cover picture.

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