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List of best fruits to eat for weight loss

Here you can see a list of best fruits to eat for weight loss. Everyone knows fruits are the best source of diet which cannot gain weight. Fruits are the best part of a healthy diet. As the best healthy fruit is apple which is the best source of antioxidant and phytonutrients that’s fight free radicals.

Best fruits to eat for weight loss


 In the second number banana is second powerful fruit. You can eat a banana for weight loss its best fruit which you can use in lunch and breakfast. If you eat banana you’ll not gain weight and also it give you energy.


Blueberry is one of that fruit which is full of water. If you eat blue berries gives it’ll not gain your weight. And also help to reduce you weight. It is the best a fruit which is antioxidants that ward off free radicals.

Goji berries

Goji berries are the type of dry fruit. It is a best powerful fruit. You can get energy from Goji berries. If you eat this fruit you will not gain weight.


Grapefruit is one of the best fruit which helps to reduce your weight quickly. It’s full of supplements. You can drink its juice. The best way to use this fruits is you drink its juice before meal three times a day. You use its juice for 12 days to quick reduce weight.


Pears are the full of fiber which help the reduce weight. Fiber also helps absolve the vitamin and minerals. It is the best digestive fruit. If you eat pears it digests your meal. 

 Pomegranates Seeds

Pomegranates seeds are good source of fiber, vitamin A, C, some vitamin B and minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. Pomegranates are antioxidant. This fruit is full of redness which helps to gain red blood cells. This fruit is so healthy.

Oranges Orange is full of vitamin C. it is healthy immune system. Orange is the one of the best low calories fruit. This fruit control sugar level. As vitamin C make fresh for skin tone. And this fruit is low risk of cancer. Oranges are rich source of carotenoid.  


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