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List of behavioral theories

Hi, I am a student from the American school of psychology. Here I am writing the list of behavior theories. Behavioral theories explore the interval mental condition on of human I am a graduate student and also researches on behavior. And now research on behaviors. Here I am writing a list of theories on behaviors. As we know psychology is a mental and behavior study. So you can know Behaviorism is a systematic approach to understanding the behavior of humans and other animals. Many psychologists write many theories on the behavior of human and animals. But here I am writing on human behaviors. Some psychiatrists write internal and external behavioral theories on human behavior. Her different type of behavior theories the introspection-based, the behaviouristic, (c)sociological.

Here I write on behavior theories here some theories define reduce mentalist to dispositional conceptual, as the mentalist concepts are theoretical concepts which contextually defined within physicality theories, which are examined and rejected.

List of behavior theories

  • Theory on time to retire the theory of planned behavior (Falko F. Sniehotta)
  • Theory on types of classroom student behavior(Donald. J veldman)
  • Theory of behavior and behavior change across the social and behavioral sciences (Rachel Davis)
  • B.F Skinner’s theory of behavior
  • The four dimensions of behavior, framework: a tool of characterizing behavior to help design better intervention (Tim Chatterton).
  • Thinker influenced behavioral theory (Edward Thorndike).

According to the school of psychology behavior is the study of interval mental state. Basically all these theories define the behavior study, which concentrate the interval mental condition, cognition emotions and moods. Theories briefly describe Behaviorist explore environmental stimuli shape our condition. The primary aim of all these theories, to identify the behavior and behavior change. 


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