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List Of Islamic Movies In Urdu Dubbed 2023

List Of Islamic Movies: If you are looking for Islamic movies in Urdu and wanna watch some Islamic content then you are in the right place. Numerous Islamic films provide in-depth information about Islam, Muslim customs, and Muslim history. In this article, we are going to tell you the names of Islamic movies in Urdu you can watch them online on different sites.

List Of Islamic Movies

following are some lists of Islamic Movies in Urdu. If you wanna Watch any of them. these movies and series are easily available online on different. you can watch them anywhere anytime.

Islamic Movies In Urdu

  1. Ashab-E-Keef 
  2. Qabar ka Azaab
  4. Dajjal in Islam
  5. Hazrat Khalid Bin Al Waleed (r.a) 
  7. Hazrat Musa (A.S)
  8. Prophet Ibrahim a.s 
  9. Hazrat Immam Hussain (R.A) 
  10. Tigers of Islam:Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi

Second List Of Movies

  1. Warrior Empire – The Mughals
  2. Miracle Of Imam Hussain’s Sacred Head
  3. The Message
  4. The Kingdom Of Suleman
  5. Region Of Islam
  6. Inside Islam
  7. Inside Mecca
  8. One Day In The Haram
  9. Ramadan Roundup
  10. The Muslim Jesus
  11. Maryam Muqaddas
  12. Bacha Or Farishta
  13. Farman
  14. Behlul Dana
  15. Khud Ka Liye
  16. Al Nibras
  17. Teflon e Muslim
  18. Ghareeb e Toos

More Movies

A list of Urdu-language films with an Islamic theme has been described below. With these films, Muslims can feel as though they are living in the past. These films portray the story’s realism.

  1. Yusuf le Züleykha
  2. Ayyub e Payambar
  3. Ayyub e Payambar
  4. Prophet Joseph
  5. Ibrahim: The Friend of God
  6. Saint Mary
  7. The Message
  8. Muhammad: The Messenger of Allah
  9. Khaybar
  10. A Door To The Sky
  11. Bilal: A New Breed of Hero Movie
  12. The Muslims Are Coming
  13. Malcolm X
  14. Mohammad (PBUH): The Last Prophet
  15. Stories of the Prophets – Yusuf Estes
  16. The Boy and The King – Islam-related animated films
  17. The Jar: A tale From the East
  18. Quran By Heart
  19. Children of Heaven
  20. Joseph: The King of Dreams

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