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Ghosted 2023 English Subtitle Download

Ghosted 2023 English Subtitle Download: After the death of the widower’s wife, his closest buddy suggests that he get back out there by downloading some dating apps and getting back into the game. The only catch is that his first match is with his late wife. She was his first and only wife.

Ghosted 2023 English Subtitle Download


In the mysterious story Ghosted, we meet Cole, a kind person who lives with his family on a beautiful farm outside Washington. When he meets Sadie and starts chatting with her, his life takes a turn he didn’t expect. But as the days go by, Cole’s fear of being left alone takes over his mind, and he tries harder and harder to find her. Cole’s family warns him not to go to London, but he is so desperate to be with the girl he likes that he does it anyway. But when he gets there, he gets caught up in a web of lies because people think he is the famous spy, the Taxman.

With a terrifyingly dangerous criminal on his trail, Cole is at the mercy of his captor’s twisted whims as he is tortured in ways that sound like Dracula from the Cold War. With every new twist, the story gets more complicated and confusing, leaving viewers to wonder about the mysterious forces at work and driving Cole deeper into the pit of confusion.

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