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Documents required for civil marriage in Turkey

Documents required for civil marriage in Turkey: A wedding is a major life event that requires plenty of preparation. You must know the official prerequisites and necessary documentation to tie the knot in Turkey. This article will walk you through the documentation you’ll need for a civil marriage in Turkey.

Documents required for civil marriage in Turkey

Identification Documents

A valid passport or national identification card is required for marriage in Turkey. A valid government-issued photo ID with your full name, signature, and photograph must be presented. Authenticated translation into Turkish of your photo ID is required.

Birth Certificate

We need a copy of your birth certificate to confirm your identity and citizenship. If you were born outside of Turkey, you must provide a certified Turkish translation of your international birth certificate.

Certificate of No Impediment

If you are not a Turkish citizen and need a Certificate of No Impediment, you must apply for one at the Turkish consulate or embassy in your home country. This paperwork demonstrates you and your partner’s inability to wed in your own country legally. Before the Turkish version of the certificate may be recognized, however, a qualified translator must first submit it.

Divorce Decree

If you have been married before, you must provide proof of your divorce or the death of your prior spouse. A notary’s signature and a translation into Turkish are both necessary.

Certificate of Health

A health certificate from a state-run facility in Turkey is necessary. This paper states that you are completely healthy and free of contagious diseases. The expiration date of the health certificate is 15 days from the day it was issued.

Two Witnesses

Two witnesses are required for a valid marriage ceremony in Turkey. Anyone testifying in court must be above the age of 18 and in possession of a valid government-issued picture ID.

Power of Attorney

If you cannot attend the marriage registration in person, you must choose a representative to do so on your behalf. Legal identity and a certified Turkish translation of the power of attorney paperwork are prerequisites.


To tie the knot in Turkey, one must fulfill certain legal requirements and perform certain rites. Prepare the required paperwork, including authentic signatures and certified translations into Turkish. Your country of origin and marital status may also affect the forms and processes you must complete. You should check with the Turkish government or a lawyer to ensure you are prepared for your civil marriage registration in Turkey and follow all local requirements.


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