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Civil marriage in Turkey for Lebanese cost

Civil marriage in Turkey for Lebanese cost: In the unlikely scenario that a Lebanese couple is unable to tie the knot in Lebanon owing to religious or other kinds of limitations, they are able to conduct a straightforward and low-cost civil ceremony in Turkey instead.

Civil marriage in Turkey for Lebanese cost

Consider the following when estimating how much it will cost for a Lebanese couple to have a legally binding ceremony in Turkey:

Marriage License Fees

The process of acquiring permission to wed in Turkey is both speedy and inexpensive. You may acquire a license to be married in Turkey for roughly $35 to $40 in most of the country’s main cities.

Additional Fees

Services such as interpreting papers, notarizing them, and obtaining an apostille might add several hundred dollars to a couple’s total cost. A legal wedding in Turkey will incur all of these expenses.

Travel Expenses

Wedding guests often have to foot the bill for travel expenses, including airfare, lodging, and transportation costs. Expenditures in this category might vary widely from one spouse to the next, depending on factors such as where they live and the season.

Wedding Services

Hiring a wedding coordinator, photographer, or other professional might increase the total cost of the event. Couples may save costs for fewer guests and a more personal ceremony.

Overall Affordability

Despite the higher price, getting legally married in Turkey might be more affordable than in Lebanon. This is particularly true for the many engaged couples in Lebanon who cannot be married for religious reasons.


Several criteria will determine the cost of a legal wedding ceremony in Turkey for a Lebanon couple. Turkey’s legal marriage ceremony is cheaper and easier than Lebanon’s traditional wedding ritual. Early preparation and research may help couples have a memorable wedding within their budget.


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