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Best and cheap Poliform Beds 2023

Here you can get best and cheap Poliform beds in 2023. We to talk about the Poliform beds, focusing this time on the cheaper models, which propose an even lower price, they encapsulate all the extraordinary quality of these fabulous beds, ready to guarantee everyone a warm and pleasant rest. After looking through the pages of the catalog Poliform, to select the finest design models is now the turn of the solutions to the cheaper price. Ando
Born from the design Paolo Piva, this strict bed shows the natural beauty of the wood. Available in different designs, sizes, and finishes: matt 25 colors, oak, and wenge. € 2,000 / € 2,250
Bed with wooden base, covered with a valance. Available in various sizes, and finishes: matt colors, ovangkol, and wenge. € 2,000 / € 2,250
Double bed with upholstered headboard, rigorous design, and essential to the most suitable for both classical and modern ones. Available in wenge and walnut finishes. € 2,250 / € 2,500
The memo was born on the design by Carlo Colombo and is a bed inspired by traditional forms with a touch of craftsmanship in the finishing of the head, in the design of the legs, and bend of all the elements. Available in different sizes, the finishes are wenge or walnut. € 2,000 / € 2,250
Moby, a bed playing with the combination of fabric color coating and steel legs. Available in two sizes and in a single-bed version. € 2,250 / € 2,500.

Best and cheap Poliform Beds 2023


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