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List of behavior problems in the classroom

Here you can see the list of behavior problems in the classroom. Many researchers do researches on students’ behaviors in the classroom with class fellows and teachers. Here different categories of students like age-wise.

Behavior problems in the classroom

  • Primary level students
  • Secondary level students
  • Matric level students
  • Intermidate level students
  • Graduation level students
  • Master level

But every category has a different environment and mental status.
Different researcher research on students’ behaviors in the classroom as such writer wrote theories like.

1:Fredrick Jones (2000)
The Fredrick Jones theory based on student control on self and second teacher authority on students how to. The teacher takes control of a student in the classroom and to make a Peace classroom environment.
2: Albert Bandura (1997)
Albert Bandura’s theory based on Prestolite development. Which is motivated on mood development, emotions, cognitive learning theory, and self-efficacy
3:William Glasser (1997)
4:Edward Ford (1994)
5:Jean Piaget (1983)
6:Lee and Marlene Center(1976)
7:Gordon Thomas (1974)
8:Jacob Kounins (1970)
9:Applied Behaviour Analysis (1968)
10:Rudolf Dreikurs (1972)
11: Alfie Kohn (1957)
12:B F Skinner (1954)
13:John Dewey (1916)


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